Friday, July 17, 2015

Recap: St. Claire in New York Men's Fashion Week S/S 16

 Drayton in Thom Browne S/S 16
 Drayton in Engineered for Motion S/S 16
 Drayton in Eidos Napoli S/S 16

Drayton in Pyer Moss S/S 16

Drayton in Parke and Ronen S/S 16 (2 Looks)
Briar in Boyswear NYC S/S 16 

 Briar in Tim Coppens S/S 16 (2 Looks)
 Kendall in GarciaVelez S/S 16
 Kendall in Alexandre Plokhov S/S 16
 Kendall in Billy Reid S/S 16
 Sheck in Third NYC S/S 16
Abou in Third NYC S/S 16
Marc in Ricardo Seco S/S 16
 Chris M in Baartmans and Siegel for Capsule S/S 16
Richard in Lucio Castro S/S 16

Special thanks to all of the casting directors and agencies involved!

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